A Grief Undeniable

Y'all. It's been quite a long time since I could say that I was genuinely happy about my lot in life. Is everything perfect? Absolutely not. But I came into 2020 on a new frequency. I decided that this was my decade (or my year, if you're that kind of person). I'm not settling for … Continue reading A Grief Undeniable

Soul Care Series: The Ones Who Love Us

To the ones who've held us while we've broken down into rivers of tears. To the ones who've come over to clean/cook/complete a daunting project in our time of need. To the ones who have brought their presence when nothing else is needed. And to the ones who have held our hand in crisis and … Continue reading Soul Care Series: The Ones Who Love Us

Soul Care Series: The New Normal

I Don't Belong Here How old were you when you first realized you weren't like anybody else? For me, it was definitely middle school. I never felt like I fit in at all. I had friends, sure. But I always felt like an impostor in my friend groups. Like I was only around until they could find … Continue reading Soul Care Series: The New Normal

Soul Care Series: The Truth About Faith

The truth. We always say we want it but when we're faced with it, we usually don't like it. In fact, we hate it if we're really being honest with ourselves. The truth forces you to face the reality that everything is not as good as you thought it was. Or maybe, the truth forces you … Continue reading Soul Care Series: The Truth About Faith

Faith Over Fear

2018 is proving to be quite a year already. After the past two years of unlearning all that I've held near, this year--at last--shall give me seeds to plant in place of all that was uprooted. Through the past few weeks, my husband and I (through many discussions, prayers, and tears) have moved to Jacksonville, … Continue reading Faith Over Fear

Reflections: A Year In Review

Oh, 2017! What a year it has been. I don't know about you but it has been a struggle for me and mine. (I have probably been a hot mess walking since late 2016--to be quite honest) And I am not going to lie, I have not even been close to looking forward to a … Continue reading Reflections: A Year In Review